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Brno GP Circuit, Czech Republic
Release Version: 1.0


– 30 Pit Box
– 3D Grass
– TV Cameras

Work in Progress:

– Track Map
– AI’s in raceweekend mode
– External landscape and general vegetation (Trees and Bushes)
– Road textures
– Optimization (Lod’s)

Knowed issues:

– AI’s can’t leave or enter the pits
– Modded Cars can be ‘stucked’ between the track edges ( ! The buged ones ! ) … Original AC cars are working fine, and my released cars too… and its just a matter of creating and set colliders as they should :X ..

NOTE: Maybe low spec systems will be overload with this version, especially with more cars on track (SP and MP). If someone has performance problems, please, contact me and inform your hardware specs!

DOWNLOAD Brno Circuit V1.0:

INSTALLATION: Extract in your AC tracks folder (assettocorsa\content\tracks)



23 thoughts on “BRNO CIRCUIT – V.1.0”

  1. hi^^ my pc spec: I5 3570, gtx660, 8g ram

    when I play with 20AI, cpu occ is 75 at start, and over 200 at race…

    but In case of kunos standard track or ACunderground’s F1 converting track, only 25~40 occ value.

    so, your track quality nice but must do more optimization


    1. This track was basically testing, converted from a very old platform to AC, and still has many things that can be improove.. My goal for it was to make the track surface ‘drivable’ in AC, and the results with the new 3d Mesh was far better than I was expecting.

      In a future release most little details will be much better… I’m also planning to recreate all track vegetation, but I don’t have time for this at the moment, because I still working hard on a few other projects.



  2. I take the time to tell you that , you´ve done a fantastic job !!! The track looks amazing !! Superbly detailed !!!

    Here are few screens “in game”


    1. FG, I was very busy for the past few months had no time to work here.. but Brno update is one of my priorities for the next days, not only in textures improvements.. wait and see! 😉


  3. Hi, just curious whether you ever plan to continue to work on this track, at least to the BETA level such as Interlagos. There are so many circuits for AC now but a very good Brno circuit is still missing…what a pity for such a great track. Would a donation help? (from me and few other Czech people I know)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kuba, sorry for the late response… but yeah, you can expect for some updates for this track! Should not take much long, I’m working on it since its first release, and has a lot great updates to come! 😉


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