Thanks for visiting my modding garage!

Here I’ll show you all my projects for Assetto Corsa simulator. There are good stuff to come, and a few are already available for download.

If you always want to see high quality material arriving, please, consider making a Donation, would help me a lot!

My best regards, enjoy!


– Rafael Malagoli


52 thoughts on “Welcome!”

    1. Robbert, in first place, I really appreciate your support, really do. I will upload the 0.5 version for Civic EG and Golf today, with some physics and visual improovements.. its getting better every day. I never drive a EP3 (We dont have it in south america), but I guess its something close to the Honda Jazz / Fit, am I right?


      1. Not realy I got the Type-R version. Has Mc-phersons suspension and is the fastest Civic until they release the newer Type-R with Turbo this year.

        Battle for my car against the newer Type-R


    1. Uau! Obrigado Lino pelo apoio! Pode ficar na espera pelo seu Type-R no Assetto, tentarei trazê-lo assim que o EK7 Type-R estiver liberado. Também tenho outros carros a fazer, que uns amigos brasileiros estão pedindo.. um projeto desde o zero que tenho de um Chevrolet Opala e um Chevrolet Monza (Ascona C na Europa), mas estes ficarão para depois que os Hatches estiverem prontos.

      Muito obrigado, espero que goste!


  1. Show demais os carros! Deixe te perguntar uma coisa com relação ao interior do carro. Agora com o Oculus Rift dk2, dá pra ver o interior todo né? O Golf e o Civic tem o interior inteiro desenhado também? Valeu


    1. Obrigado Eduardo! Eles possuem interior todo modelado e texturado sim… inclusive estou trabalhando no cockpit de corrida para o Civic S3 (JTCC) que terá muitos detalhes interessantes por dentro, não apenas no raio de visão do piloto, mas na parte traseira também. Abraço!


    1. Hi Chris! … Wow, great car…. do you have more info about it? Suspension, Gear Ratios and Differential, Engine type and power…? If you have, we can start twitching some vectors and make this stuff work properly in AC! haha


      1. Hi Skycrowsbr! thx for help to make the baby alive 🙂
        I searched little bit , but i try on weekend to play. Maybe i get more info.
        FR,462 HP,1000 kg, 509 Nm, 344 to 471 W/Kg
        Body Type -Drivetrain- # Seats-Length(mm)-Width (mm)-Height (mm)
        Coupé FR 5.0 4,290 1,850 1,250
        Displacement (cc) Type
        3,998 V8
        Power and Weight
        Configuration- Power (HP)-Torque (ft lb) -Weight (kg)-P/W (HP/kg)-PP
        Stock 477 387 1,000 0.477 579
        Max Power/Min Weight 573 434 1,000 0.573 628
        Aerodynamics Min Max
        Stock Aero 150/300 350/600
        Miscellaneous -Red line of stock engine: 7,500 RPM


  2. The new Suzuka Version doesnt work online.
    We all get every try a checksum error.
    We tried it from a server and from 2 pc as servers, always the same.
    You made a good job, i like Suzuka and love the SGT, hope you can fix it.


    1. Works fine… this is an issue causeb by version mismatch. If you already have the 1.1, the Server you’re trying to play probably has the old 1.0 surfaces.ini.

      Version v1.0 has less track surfaces than v1.1.


    1. Sure, click at the Donate link (My E-Mail will be showed at the paypal main screen), only for you to get it… but you know, fell free to make a donation if you like! hahahahaha 😀


  3. Hi Rafael. great blog here! I will visit here as frequently as possible.
    Congrats on the cars. Please keep us informed on the next projects!
    We want o invest in it!



  4. Cara, meus parabéns, seus mods são incríveis, o Monza ficou muito bom de dirigir, e lí que está fazendo um opala!!!!!! sem palavras!


  5. Olá Rafael!
    Saudações da Argentina!
    Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho, eu poderia lidar com a marca Ford Focus BR com Oculus Rift e foi um prazer!
    Eu queria saber se existe a possibilidade de converter alguns carros argentinos, tais como o mod TC, por exemplo.
    Seria ótimo para minha comunidade gamer do país!
    Conte comigo para te ajudar com isso e já uma doação de acordo com o seu talento!

    Mantê-lo com seu ótimo trabalho.
    Abraço daqui sobre


      1. Obrigado Rafael por sua resposta.
        E você precisa saber se pode ser feito?
        Alguma referência? Qualquer arquivo de RFactor?
        Avise-me, e ajudá-la.
        (Desculpe para o português, é tradução do Bing)
        Saudações da Argentina!


  6. Rafael ( é esse seu nome? se não for desculpe) mas, cara,, consegui te achar pra te dizer que vc é um gênio, baixei a Ferrari Berlinetta e vim aqui pra te dizer, meu parabéns, como ela tá linda, sou seu fã, vc é demais. Assim que puder, quero te pedir pra vc contruir a 288 GTO – a 308 GTO ( do seriado Magnum lembra? com teto preto) – a 512 TR e a 512 M,,, fico no ShowRoom do assetto corsa vendo tua 355 Berlinetta e admirando os detalhes,,, me escreva Rafael,,, meu email tá aí, sou de Curitiba/Pr,,, abraços e um ótimo 2015


  7. WOW last Time i only found the Suzuka Track here, that already was the Best Modded Track for AC i have seen so far.
    But this Week you almost made me suffocate. Brno and GT500 Cars are so damn amazing. You deserve a Donation.

    Is all scratch Made?

    ANyone has a Setup for the GT500 NSX for Nordschleife? Its very bitchy to drive there i always die xD


    1. They are almost rebuild / reworked versions from old games. Brno for exemple was remastered from GTR Evo, and the GT500 cars are from Forza 3 but with Scrach made interiors and textures. Thanks.


      1. I assumed something like that. GT500 exterior could need a bit work on shaders and reflections but i didnt thought they would be only Forza 3 Cars, because most use Forza 4. But the interiors rly looked scratch made to me. A Nice combination of Conversion and hard Modding Work. A shame that most get thrown into one group, without making any thoughts what work really was put into.

        Could you take a Look at Racedepartment, they uploaded your Nissan there, and some brainless idiots are badmouthing you but praising 0815 conversions all the time oO


  8. Heya great blog! Does running a blog similar to this take a lot of work?
    I’ve no knowledge of computer programming however I was hoping to start my own blog in the
    near future. Anyhow, should you have any ideas or tips
    for new blog owners please share. I understand this is off subject
    but I just had to ask. Thanks a lot!


    1. WordPress has a very user friendly interface to run, is easy to work with, easy to share, to keep organized and updated … Will take you some efforts, of course, but you will get your work shared, really worth the try!


    1. Hi Karl! Unfortunately I had to leave most projects, simply because I don’t have enough time to work on them anymore. We are in deep economic crisis here in Brazil, and something around 7 months ago I had a job change, that now consumes me three times more than my older job… :/


      1. Hi, skycrowsbr.. as I see you can’t work anymore on your projects, is it possible for you to pack your whole JTC 500 cars FMOD project files and upload them somewhere (i.e. Mega) so I can try to make the sound work on the new AC update? Without the original projects so far was impossible to find a workaround, if not using the old common.bank file, that screws the new cars. If you can, reply me here. Thank you in any case!


      2. Chris, I don’t have any FMOD banks for them… I know this would make them stand, but is simply very complicated for me to carry alone. I see what I can do for you, I’ll be in touch soon.


  9. Hello malagoli, i would like to contact you if possible, where should i email or write to?

    Thanks so much in advanced for all your jobs, all are amazing and gave me a lot of hours of fun.



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