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Fuji Speedway – WIP Updates

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> Fuji Speedway – Update Video #14

Repost from official forums:

“Intense work past week, but I got a crap fever under some disease, my body was crazy … I was feeling cold as ice when my body was at +38 ยบc, spent almost an entire week on bed under intense medication :(

Yesterday I started to feel a lot better, so I went back to what I was doing on the track.. in resume:

– Started to build some track population objects
– Finally my shader presets and textures for grass are almost on its final shape, so I also started to cover more areas inside the track with grass
– Started to prep trees and treelines .. already made some testing, but is hard to the them sorted.. so I think I’ll let them for last, haha
– I’m training on a new way to create kerbs, using Patch Deform .. but some places are crap to make it work, but the final results are much better than making them manually.. plus, takes much less time to map, so I’ll continue to improve this technique and all kerbs should be done soon.
– New fences textures, matching somewhere close the real ones
– A few correction in some fences and poles, and still a lot to be done to them
– Started to make the pitlane wall and fence, but still missing every detail imaginable
– Sorted a few things related to landscape .. Not everything is in real scale and southeast mountains are now 2D, but there is a lot to improve in general…

I want to start making the main pit build soon, but still a lot to be done… indeed is a ton of work for just one person. Nothing that unlimited time can’t handle, maybe in 2020 this project gets completed and released, huahuahua :p

Videlog #14, enjoy!”


Yeah, that fever that send me to bed last week was the reason for delaying the Brno update (Or not releasing it polished and pretty as I wanted, but world goes on..) ..was really some crappy days ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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Thank you guys!