Fuji Speedway – Alpha V1 released!

Hi guys!

Finally I’m releasing the first public version of my new Fuji International Speedway. This project will bring you all tracks around Fuji Complex, with 3 Layouts in the main circuit and two extra drifting courses, with the entire complex being allowed to drive in free mode, trough every circuit access areas, parking lots and roads.

This is my first track made from scratch, so I still learning many modelling and texturing process, I hope everyone stays patient for what is coming next. This project has token place in 2014, when I was trying to use an old rFactor base from Katsuo, but after many consideration, I realized that was necessary a completely new build, but I didn’t had enough experience with modelling to do this back there. After a long time making conversions and modelling cars, I finally had the skills to try, and to be more specific, this actual project took its place since February / 2016. I already have more than 500 working hours on this, not to mention all the time for the past few years collecting data, studying and knowing better the entire complex. Fuji is something passionate to me, along with some other Japanese tracks, as Motegi and Tsukuba, so I hope to make it well as it deserves.

Some facts about the Alpha:

In this first release, I was focusing for the past few months to release only the basic GP course for people to enjoy. The dependencies and roads inside the track still on its very first modelling stage, so I had to let their accesses restrict wile I can’t find time to improve them.

Otherwise, here a few more things to consider:

– General physics still need to be improved. Does have only a generic road feedback, but should be a lot better in future releases. Also, collisions with walls are not perfect yet and there are some blind spots. This is because I’ll work on the full collision model only after creating tire walls, but even with some miscalculations at this stage, you will be safe to enjoy races on the circuit.. no one will ‘drop’ of it, haha

– There are no track population or trees / vegetation in this release. I’m working on them, but I have no predictions for when will be ready.

– Landscape still wip. There is a bunch of crappyness going there, but I’m already working on them too.

– There are no track cameras, AI still very poor / generic.

– Every building you see still wip, textures above all.

– Later this week I’ll release a free mode drifting course (Reverse) and the GP layout without chicane.

That’s all for this one. I really hope you enjoy, and if you think it’s worth, please, make a donation… 🙂




Download: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/fuji-international-speedway.10440/

Alternative Link: https://mega.nz/#!HR1EACCA!LJnQtshZ2k_d9WPxs9rDL-dUpjL4MpUCr8pSg-kFE8Q


Best regards,
Rafael Malagoli