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Nismo GTR R34 GT500 03′ (Old)

Content updated:

JGTC Nismo Skyline R34 GTR

Changelog 22 Jan 2015:

– Brand new interior, with digital gauges re-alocated to its real place (At the end of the steering collumn), new steering wheel, new protection bars, new driver seat and many other little details
– Digital gauge shows: Lap time, Shift Lights, RPM’s, Speed (Kmh) and Fuel
– Every undetailed shape has been modified and retextured.. Grills, Bolts, Body Panels..
– New and more detailed rims, with better and friendly paint templates
– 6 Liveries
– General ‘alpha’ texturing: New Internal and External glass textures, with dust effect working fine (No invisible cars!)
– Damage and Dust in Alpha stage, but working


– New suspension geometry, with much better feedback response
– Ajustments and fixes at the setup screen, every configuration works
– Redefined aerodynamics
– Reworked tyre model
– Reworked colliders
– Fuel tank realocated to its original place (In front of the rear wheels)
– ‘Track’ redefined to its original settings (1555 F/R)
– General weight distribution improoved
– Many other suspension, power curve and gearbox corrections and improovements ..

Civic SiR-II GrA V0.9 (OLD)

Content updated:

JTCC Honda Civic SiRII GRA

Changelog V0.90:

– Compressed DDS textures for better performance (Glass, Lights)
– Compressed Skins for better performance (Limited to 2048×2048)
– User Interface updated
– Power Curve updated
– Shorter Gear Ratio
– Engine limiter set to 9600 rpm
– Slightly lower drag coefficient
– Upgraded racing interior, with a new Digital Dashboard inspired in MoTec design, featuring:
RPM Leds and progress bar with Shift Lights, Gear, Speed, Lap Time and Fuel
New MOMO steering wheel
New Gear Stick
New Instruments in center console