Super GT – Skin Templates

Templates for customizing Wheels, Windows and Body.


Nismo R34 JGTC – Final Templates

Honda NSX JGTC – Final Templates

Quick tips / tutorial:

All my templates are alredy set with the respectives wireframes, masks, shaders and alpha layers organized, and they are basically self instructive for those who has some experience with skins.. but here go some tips for those who doesn’t:

Must be saved as .PNG. Static rim as “wheel_lod0.png”, and Blurred rim as “wheel1.png”.

2 samples are alredy included, white and black.

Must be saved as DDS DXT3 ARGB8 / Explicit Alpha, and named “”

The windows affected by the template are only the rear side windows, rear windshield and windscreen banner. Artists must leave the “dirt” effects as they are, otherwise the effect will be affected in the game. Fell free to edit whatever you like at the windows, but always remember to edit the alpha channel as well, copying the final art with the colors ‘inverted’ to its original place, at Alpha Channel layer.

The Windows mask works as this: Black is Transparent and White is Opaque. Make sure to set up the alpha channel in the template to get perfect results in the game.

Body and Body Map:
Body Paint must be saved as DDS DXT3 ARGB8 / Explicit Alpha, and named “”.
Body Map must be saved as PNG, and named “body_map.png”

The Body Paint has an Alpha Channel that controls the affect off Metalic Detail at the paint. Black Areas = 100% effect / White Areas = 0% effect.

The Body Map controls the opacity of the paint. 100% White = Glossy / Metallic paint, 100% Black = Mate paint.

Nismo GTR R34 GT500 03′ (Old)

Content updated:

JGTC Nismo Skyline R34 GTR

Changelog 22 Jan 2015:

– Brand new interior, with digital gauges re-alocated to its real place (At the end of the steering collumn), new steering wheel, new protection bars, new driver seat and many other little details
– Digital gauge shows: Lap time, Shift Lights, RPM’s, Speed (Kmh) and Fuel
– Every undetailed shape has been modified and retextured.. Grills, Bolts, Body Panels..
– New and more detailed rims, with better and friendly paint templates
– 6 Liveries
– General ‘alpha’ texturing: New Internal and External glass textures, with dust effect working fine (No invisible cars!)
– Damage and Dust in Alpha stage, but working


– New suspension geometry, with much better feedback response
– Ajustments and fixes at the setup screen, every configuration works
– Redefined aerodynamics
– Reworked tyre model
– Reworked colliders
– Fuel tank realocated to its original place (In front of the rear wheels)
– ‘Track’ redefined to its original settings (1555 F/R)
– General weight distribution improoved
– Many other suspension, power curve and gearbox corrections and improovements ..

Suzuka Circuit – V.1.1

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Release notes V1.1:

3D grass
Improoved vegetation
3D external landscape
Track surfaces and physics improovements (Sand, Grass, Carpet, Kerbs, and Invalid Track areas)
Track Map functional
Track Cameras improoved
Added colisions with track objects (Except ‘cones’)
Pole and Sun position reorientated
Minor textures changes and improovements (Pit building, Terrain and Trees)
3D Road mesh improoved for smoother track surface

Work in Progress:

Walls and Tyrewall colisions
AI’s in raceweekend mode
Road mesh / bumping areas
External landscape
Track buildings and textures
West and East layouts
Optimization (Textures and Meshes)

NOTE: Maybe low spec systems will be overload with this version, especially with more cars on track (SP and MP). If someone has performance problems, please, contact me and inform your hardware specs!

DOWNLOAD Suzuka Circuit V1.1:

INSTALLATION: REPLACE your files, upload surfaces.ini and inform the version in your server to prevent track mismatch!


Toyota Supra 2.0 TwinTurbo (GA70) – V.01


Download link: Supra GTT GA70 v01
Skin Templates will be released soon.

The Supra MK3 GTT was the ultimate japanese sports car in late 80’s: The Corvette Killer .. Exclusive cars for the japanese domestic market, this machine defined a new era for many 6-inline twin turbocharged engines and was the ‘rebirth’ of one of the greatest japanese sports cars.

Produced between 1988 and 1990, the GTT “GA70” had an 1G-GTEU engine, with 6cc DOHC24v, 1988cc, Twin Turbo, 5 Speed manual gear box, that produced more than 210hp at 6200rpm and 24,5kgfm at 3800rpm. The late GTT “JZA70”, produced between 1990 and 1993 was featuring the updated 1JZ-GTE engine, displacing 2491cc and producing more than 280hp at 6200rpm and 36,3kgfm at 4800rpm, with the same gearbox and bigger turbos. Both cars had double wishbone suspension and limited slip differential.

Also, there is an 3.0 Turbo that was used in JTCC Group A series, with a 7M-GTE engine with a 2 bar CT-26 turbocharger, that produced up to 575hp and 62kgfm @4400rpm. This racing version will be exactly reproduced, both exterior and interior, along with the custom liveries.

For me, they were simply one of the best japanese sports car ever made.

Changelog V01:

– Animated gaudges (Turbo, Fuel, RPM and Speed)
– Interior and Exterior textures and shader improovements
– Interior and Exterior ilumination
– Wheels Blur effect working
– Physics ajustments: Suspension, Brakes, Turbos, Power Curve and Differential

Knowed Issues:
– Shifting animation don’t work
– Headlights animation don’t work
– Driver camera must be set manualy (Use the Camera APP)
– Generic colliders, still need some work

Hope you enjoy!