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Suzuka Circuit – V.1.1

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Release notes V1.1:

3D grass
Improoved vegetation
3D external landscape
Track surfaces and physics improovements (Sand, Grass, Carpet, Kerbs, and Invalid Track areas)
Track Map functional
Track Cameras improoved
Added colisions with track objects (Except ‘cones’)
Pole and Sun position reorientated
Minor textures changes and improovements (Pit building, Terrain and Trees)
3D Road mesh improoved for smoother track surface

Work in Progress:

Walls and Tyrewall colisions
AI’s in raceweekend mode
Road mesh / bumping areas
External landscape
Track buildings and textures
West and East layouts
Optimization (Textures and Meshes)

NOTE: Maybe low spec systems will be overload with this version, especially with more cars on track (SP and MP). If someone has performance problems, please, contact me and inform your hardware specs!

DOWNLOAD Suzuka Circuit V1.1:

INSTALLATION: REPLACE your files, upload surfaces.ini and inform the version in your server to prevent track mismatch!