Suzuka Circuit – V.1.1

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Release notes V1.1:

3D grass
Improoved vegetation
3D external landscape
Track surfaces and physics improovements (Sand, Grass, Carpet, Kerbs, and Invalid Track areas)
Track Map functional
Track Cameras improoved
Added colisions with track objects (Except ‘cones’)
Pole and Sun position reorientated
Minor textures changes and improovements (Pit building, Terrain and Trees)
3D Road mesh improoved for smoother track surface

Work in Progress:

Walls and Tyrewall colisions
AI’s in raceweekend mode
Road mesh / bumping areas
External landscape
Track buildings and textures
West and East layouts
Optimization (Textures and Meshes)

NOTE: Maybe low spec systems will be overload with this version, especially with more cars on track (SP and MP). If someone has performance problems, please, contact me and inform your hardware specs!

DOWNLOAD Suzuka Circuit V1.1:

INSTALLATION: REPLACE your files, upload surfaces.ini and inform the version in your server to prevent track mismatch!


30 thoughts on “Suzuka Circuit – V.1.1”

  1. Definitely an improvement, but still now quite as good looking as the F1 2013 ripoff.

    I won’t say more and I won’t do comparisons until after you update it a little more.


      1. Ignore him, he seems to know it all, but nothing to show what he can contribute, apart snide remarks, has if the circuit is been made just for him.

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  2. You know, there are certain renditions of tracks that, as a track, you’ve never been fond of, and this is one of them. I love this version. It’s a track that I never really liked very much (didn’t hate, but I’d choose others in other games) until now. Really like the overall look and especially the track surface detail. I never drove a laser scanned version, and Gran Turismo’s version, the opposite corners that I thougt were light, were very tight. Not that it’s inaccurate, not at all. I like this layout and look, and it makes me enjoy a track I normally don’t bother with 🙂 GREAT job!

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  3. Please revise the some areas surrounding the road surface itself, like the green padding(s) together with the rumble strips, as well as the some pavements outside the road surface.

    They cause problems on really low height leveled cars such as URD’s T5 2013 mod. I will upload a video later so I could show you the problems.

    Despite that, thanks for the track – its very well made and visually beautiful.


      1. This only happens with URD “T5” mods. My cars are working fine, even lower GT’s.. same thing with original cars in the game.

        My opinion is that URD T5 cars have some collider model issue, easy thing for them to solve…


  4. Are you using the last versions of URD_T5 and URD_EGT?
    Because, i think this issue is already solved.
    If you’ve got the older versions, you can copy a collider.kn5 from a GT2 Kunos car to replace it in URD cars.


  5. @skycrowsbr: I have found out what is the cause for your trees to look so washed up compared to those from Kunos tracks or other track mods that are done well.

    It’s called ambient occlusion and it’s resposible among other things with giving vegetation realistic lighting and self shadowing, exactly what your vegetation does not have.

    So you either don’t have ambient occlusion on your track or the settings are wrong.

    You could ask some help if you need from other track moders about this, but in the end is your call if you want to make your track look better and more realistic.

    I just wanted to let you know this is one of the main reasons your trees don’t look as good as the ones from the F1 2013 ripoff.


  6. Hi there, i love this version of Suzuka, are you still working on it for an update? i want to use it on a mini champ in a few weeks, but if not ready i will use v1.1, thanks for this great job


  7. as árvores estão muito transparente principalmente as perto da roda gigante, se puder de uma olhada nisso, mas mesmo assim não tira a beleza da pista, ótimo trabalho!


  8. Rafael in suzuka found a bug and notice to revise, at the entrance to the chicane after the 130R if salts fired in a crash on the left against the wall or guardrail , you fall to a pricipicio endlessly having to press esc to exit there. fijate if you can corrergirlo . thx

    Rafael em Suzuka encontrar um erro e aviso de rever, na entrada para a chicane após a 130R se sais demitido em um acidente na esquerda contra a parede ou guardrail , você cair para um pricipicio infinitamente ter que pressionar Esc para sair lá. fijate se você pode corrergirlo . valeu


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