Nismo GTR R34 GT500 03′ (Old)

Content updated:

JGTC Nismo Skyline R34 GTR

Changelog 22 Jan 2015:

– Brand new interior, with digital gauges re-alocated to its real place (At the end of the steering collumn), new steering wheel, new protection bars, new driver seat and many other little details
– Digital gauge shows: Lap time, Shift Lights, RPM’s, Speed (Kmh) and Fuel
– Every undetailed shape has been modified and retextured.. Grills, Bolts, Body Panels..
– New and more detailed rims, with better and friendly paint templates
– 6 Liveries
– General ‘alpha’ texturing: New Internal and External glass textures, with dust effect working fine (No invisible cars!)
– Damage and Dust in Alpha stage, but working


– New suspension geometry, with much better feedback response
– Ajustments and fixes at the setup screen, every configuration works
– Redefined aerodynamics
– Reworked tyre model
– Reworked colliders
– Fuel tank realocated to its original place (In front of the rear wheels)
– ‘Track’ redefined to its original settings (1555 F/R)
– General weight distribution improoved
– Many other suspension, power curve and gearbox corrections and improovements ..


23 thoughts on “Nismo GTR R34 GT500 03′ (Old)”

    1. Yeah, but it may explode your PC before you can play with it, haha

      .. Just kiding, but I have included the locked Data folder now, to allow multiplayer file check in servers. If you try to enter a server without this file, you will be kicked by the file ‘checksun’.



  1. Thx 🙂

    Do you know that there’s no need to create an acd file to generate a checksum for your car on the server?
    Simply copy the data folder in content/cars/ in your server folder and delete all the empty files 0kb (eg DRS.ini). That’s all, when start acserver, it will create the checksum.
    Off course, if this is the final version, qbms is your friend


  2. I really love the physics of the car – great job!

    Minor Issues though:
    1. 2003 IMPUL CALSONIC No.12 should have the Headlight cover have a mix of grayish plastic along with the cover itself. Banner should not be using Super GT since 2003 was still known as “JGTC” instead of SGT. Rims should be white.

    2. 2003 MOTUL PITWORKS No.22 is not included on the package where it should be. This is a real team which participated in the 2003 JGTC series.

    3. 2003 XANAVI NISMO No.23 also should not be using Super GT banner.

    For the 2000 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 JGTC GT500 (IMPUL CALSONIC No.12 & PENNZOIL NISMO No.23) If you guys want I could send you my unfinished 3D model of the car. I’ll be glad to see you guys finish it for your project.

    I have other cars for the Super GT too – if you guys want to port my Subaru Legacy B4 GT300 from 2009 up to 2011, let me know.


    1. The skins are fully customizable (Banners, Headlight covers, Glasses and so..) .. It isn’t a replica from JGTC series, the year is just a reference for the model I was taking as a base for it (2003 Xanavi R34, VQ30DETT).

      Really nice model, I would love to finish it. Fell free to contactme via E-mail if you want. By now I have to finish my current projects, but as soon as I can, I would love to take a look at it.

      I’ll port GT300 cars as well… just have to finish this Betas GT500 before, ^^

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  3. I have criticized your Suzuka track and I will do that until it gets to my standards of liking, but I have to say this car is great! I love it and I thank you for it. 🙂


    1. Man .. is just a Wheel. haha .. The one I used come from 2008 GTR GT500, because the 3D model textures and templates has much better quality.

      This is way too far from an issue with the mod.


    1. Thanks Greg, but this isn’t the same model as mine… and I can bet that who make it didn’t given the model the quality work it deserves. I create my mods with passion, no matter if its 100% scratch made or convertion.. always try to use the best of my skills, do a lot of research and I always try to deliver the better ‘toy’ as I can for my followers… the best part? Always for free. Support who wants to, but I’ll never make people pay for my conversions.. is already a great pleasure to see them using they.


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