Honda NSX GT500 05′ (Old)

Content updated:

JGTC Honda NSX-R GT500

Changelog V1.0:

– New textures
– Hood and Rear Wing from the 2005 model
– Improoved physics
– 5 Liveries
– Motec working, showing: Fuel, Lap Time, Delta, Speed, RPM


12 thoughts on “Honda NSX GT500 05′ (Old)”

  1. Thank you very much for your amazing work. Did some laps with the Nismo R34 tonight on Suzuka and it was great so can’t wait to try the NSX as well 🙂


  2. Here is the same problem, Motec don’t work. I also deleted the old folder before copy the new one. This is on AC v.1.0.4
    And thank’s for the great mods. SGT mods are my favourites 🙂


  3. Just beautiful, loving the GT500 cars!

    Just a little note, could you make the in-game car selection screens so that we can see cars and different colour options? I think that the driver position may be wrong as it’s not centred on the steering wheel, but this is easily solved in game.

    Really looking forward to all the other GT500 cars!


  4. Thank’s skycrowsbr, now Motec is perfect. Your Garage is my favourite and tank’s for your hard work.
    Do you think you can do in the future new 2014 NSX Concept GT. It will be amaising.


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