Civic SiR-II Group A – JTCC – 1.0


Updated – Compatible with AC version 1.1

V1.0 Changelog:

– New Physics
– New Sounds (B16A Group A)
– New Interior, replica from early 90’s GRA Civics
– New Classic Liveries (TakeOne, STP and BP Oil)
– New UV Texture, prevent overlaping (Skins must be updated!)
– New features supporting Mettalic and Mate paint jobs
– Many 3D Mesh corrections and optimizations

Still Working on:
– More four classic Liveries: Motul and Epson (’90) / PIAA and RS Castrol (’94)
– Tyres physics (Heating and Tyre Comsumption)
– Setup Screen (Will be allowed all the features from GRA cars)
– Minor dashboard details
– Skins (Windscreen banners, tyre sponsor matching with tyre brand, etc)

Special thanks to:

Tibalotte, for helping build the sound banks in FMOD!
Junko, for providing awesome tyre textures!

Download Civic SiR-II GRA V1.0:


JTCC Skin Pack:

(Skin Pack: #11 BP Oil, #14 Jaccs, #15 PIAA, #16 Castrol, #27 STP, #61 TakeOne, #71 Razo, #100 Idemitsu, #109 Monster)

Civic GRA Templates:



51 thoughts on “Civic SiR-II Group A – JTCC – 1.0”

  1. Men oh Men for the second time you stole my heart with this Civic! 😛
    I got only 1 tiny point and that’s the fact that the driveby external sound is a little low and the interior is a little too high?
    Can you change that Rafael or can i do that by myself?


      1. Okay that’s good news skycrowsbr !
        Sound was the first thing I fell and that’s a shame because it’s a great car .
        1 of the best mods I use 🙂


  2. Looks amazing man! Thanks for doing this! It’s one of my absolutely favorite cars to race with. I missed it all that time!


  3. Love your cars! I found a bug. When racing AI. They won’t shift into gear. They just sit at the line.
    In the ai.ini the gear up is set higher than the rev limiter in the engine.ini.
    I changed it from up=8400 to up=8200 & it works great.
    Thanks for the updates. The car drives great. It feels so much like my CRX I had years ago. The physics are spot on. Miss my CRX so badly.


      1. Really!, a lot ( the vast majority)of AC user are not into MP, and find racing the AI very entertaining, it would be a shame that the work you want to share cannot be appreciated by that group, just because you like MP better than AI. All that need to be done is change the [GEARS]
        UP= in AI .ini to a value slightly below maximum rpm value of the engine. if data was accessible we would be glad to do it ourself.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Data is locked because is the easy way for Servers check the Data files, avoiding versions mismatch or even cheaters.

        Don’t get me misunderstood, I have a lot of things to make and creating AI for all mods I make, tracks and cars, is a really big waste of time.. The Mods I make is directed to MP interaction and I give no support for non original versions of the game, and unfortunately that includes SP players that can be using outdated releases (Most of them).


  4. the best just got better! and i really thought v.99 was already perfect! keep it up my good man.

    my only dillema right now is to 6-speed or not v1.0. i was running a 6-speed on v.99 and it was sweet, but that is not to discredit v1.0 i feel like i made some improvements on my lap time in the Macau Circuit with v1.0

    will test v1.0 in Nordschleife later, see if I can improve my 9:43:236 record.

    thanks again Rafael!


  5. great work is really fast! but Ai doesn’t work, seems it can’t gear change..maybe you just need to reduce the upshift treshold..


  6. ..understood..:/ …but you simply have to change the upshift treshold in ai.ini file..i would make it by myself..if the data files were not compressed in…


  7. i love this car but it is too fast for other cars in AC, at least on some tracks, looking forward to the setup screen, though i like how it handles right now


  8. This is an awesome mod but I agree its way too quick, it seems to have too much grip lol, I think a good benchmark to level this car up to would be the primera btcc car! Maybe introduce some torque steer like the brasilian touring cars and loose some grip and this thing will be spot on keep it up man!


  9. Does the car have mp collision because I’ve ran it twice and it doesn’t seem to be working instead the cars go through each other.


    1. This is a issue with Asetto Corsa… I had this problem too, but with the 235i Racing. I don’t remember to face the same problem with the Civic in the actual game build (1.1.4) … 😉


      1. Yeah was just wondering, never had it happen to me before I’ll take this feedback and see if they take it into consideration. Thank you for your mod, lovely car. Cheers!


    1. Yeah, I have to add some more ajustments on Setup screen and improove the tyres physics.. But I don’t know when I’ll be able to do it, by the end of this month I guess. Thanks!


  10. sounds are updated by elmariachi90 on the official forum, just need to change the car name because he used v0.90 but it works fine.


  11. Amazing job guys, everithyng works fine, AI Sound.. But still having trouble with the gearbox. The car V1.0 works with 5mt, got download the 6MT from PLZ, I create the folder DATA, put the file drivetrain inside…but nothing appens.
    Sorry for my bad english.



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