Civic SiR-II GrA V0.9 (OLD)

Content updated:

JTCC Honda Civic SiRII GRA

Changelog V0.90:

– Compressed DDS textures for better performance (Glass, Lights)
– Compressed Skins for better performance (Limited to 2048×2048)
– User Interface updated
– Power Curve updated
– Shorter Gear Ratio
– Engine limiter set to 9600 rpm
– Slightly lower drag coefficient
– Upgraded racing interior, with a new Digital Dashboard inspired in MoTec design, featuring:
RPM Leds and progress bar with Shift Lights, Gear, Speed, Lap Time and Fuel
New MOMO steering wheel
New Gear Stick
New Instruments in center console


20 thoughts on “Civic SiR-II GrA V0.9 (OLD)”

  1. Hi,

    I really like your mod, thanks a lot for keeping it updated.
    But I was wondering about thos .png for the wheels and the glasses. I’ve a few skins on it, and they don’t work anymore (well, they still work, but not the wheels and glasses part :/ )
    So, do you plan to add them back in the next update ?


    1. Pierre, please, consider to update this itens in your skins to DDS DXT3 (You can make this by opening the file and saving it as .dds, with programs like Photoshop or GIMP, with the nVidia DDS Plugin).

      There is no coming back with this update, because the .PNG textures are uncompressed and not appropriate for games, because it takes much more processing and memory to load, if you compare with the .DDS format.


      1. Hi,

        thanks for the fast reply. But the my issue with .dds (as I use for the rest of the car) is I can’t see them from the inside of the car. I mean on the windshield, I can see stickers and stuff from the inside, but nothing from the inside. Witch kills a bit the immersivness.
        So it’s okay for the wheels, I can work with it. But I’ve no workaround for the glasses :/


  2. Hi, did the test once again, I was saving to DXT5, as recommended somewhere on Assetto Corsa forum. That’s why it didn’t work. But it works as DXT3.
    Thanks a lot for the help 🙂
    Gonna convert those skins now 🙂


  3. Hi,
    I don’t see the ghost car throug the civics windshield. It’s visible in the rearmirror and when I change the camera to one that’s not inside the cockpit. This does not occur with other cars.

    BTW your civics are absolutely beautiful to drive. I found myself driving it the most 🙂
    Great Mod!


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