Brasileiro de Marcas V.1.2


Updated – Compatible with AC version 1.1

The brazilian “Marcas” series is basically an Touring Car series, but with some little and interesting things: The cars are always the same, don’t matter the brand and the body; They use the same powertrain and suspension, tyres and brake parts… the competition in this category is one of its kind, and, for me, the best racing serie occurring in Brazil.

I have try my best to keep the cars unchanged, only created a few modifications to use all potential of Assetto Corsa graphics engine and physics. The setup screen is locked, with basic setup already set, and the driver can only changes the final gear ratio, tyres and fuel. The reason I’ve done this, is to eliminate the difference between players who has the ability to create setups and who doesn’t. Everyone races on the same conditions, and the only thing that really matters is the capability to dominate the car and the course to its limits.

Download MOD, version 1.2: Petrobras de Marcas

Skin Templates:





Models by: Reiza Studios (Free game)
Game Marcas – Official


10 thoughts on “Brasileiro de Marcas V.1.2”

  1. Hello! You do a great job here!

    I wondered if I could make a soundmod for your car and post the vieo on Assetto Corsas forum? Only with your permission, the only thing I take credit for is the soundmod. MOre people like you should have web sites like yours



  2. Well done.
    Only one thing: while racing against AI, they don’t appear to go full power on straigths where you reach 5th gear or more. They seem to accelerate to 5th gear, then maintain speed, allowing you to keep accelerating and pass them easily. Tested on Nordschleife (DLC).


    1. This cars don’t have a fully developed physics for A.I.’s … so they will not work as original cars in AC do. It isn’t my concern to be honest, because they work really nice on Multiplayer.. and they are about this ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Physics doesnt feel completely right for all 4 cars. They can surely improve. Also you shouldnt lock all setup Options. A bit more freedom you should give us like Differentials, Downforce, Ride height and suspension hardness.
    Also 4 cars seem to share 2 cockpits and the Front camera and sometimes the hood camera is very wrong looking half through the Car.^^
    But it has potential, but also has some way to the GT500 quality. ๐Ÿ™‚


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