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Brno GP Circuit, Czech Republic
Version 1.1


– 30 Pit Box
– 3D Grass
– TV Cameras

Work in Progress:

– Pit lane textures
– Vegetation (Trees and Bushes)
– AI’s in raceweekend mode

Knowed issues:

– AI’s can’t leave or enter the pits

DOWNLOAD Brno Circuit V1.1:

INSTALLATION: Extract in your AC tracks folder (assettocorsa\content\tracks)

6 thoughts on “BRNO CIRCUIT – V.1.1”

    1. Thanks Andreas.. it ain’t easy, this model has now more than 10 years old (All basic textures too), and a complete overhaul takes too much time for a single person to make.. and I have other projects too. I’ll continue to improve this track when I can.. let’s see how it ends 🙂

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  1. Thanks update but still need to more optimization.

    open render app and look at the ‘phy’
    7~8% in singleplay (i5 3570)
    It will be caused cpu warning in MP, or play with AI 20+
    Kunos track only represent 2~4%.


    1. My Phenon XII with GeForce GTX650 1GB runs fine the mod, with more than 20 AIs… is more than enough, I see no reason to create content for low specs pcs than mine .. just a tiny amount of people would see some benefit in this.


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