Cavalier GSi BTCC / JTCC news

This project has come a long way already, but finally the time is coming for it’s release (Probably around April 15) ..

There are two models available: DCRS (90-92 fwd) and RML (93-95 fwd), with team skins, covering the entire career of this model in JTCC and BTCC for numerous factory teams and privateers.

Since my very first toughs about making this car, my goal was to replicate the cars used by HKS team in Japanese touring car races, from 1993 to 1995. The HKS Cavalier was a brilliant car, and fairly exclusive due it’s remarkable HKS colours and one of a kind presence in JTCC grids, but the car was barely the same built in Britain by Ray Mallock for BTCC teams… with some in house modifications by HKS.

They are coming with numerous improvements in 3D Models, Textures and Physics, with the unique possibility to replace the wheels by using specific skin files (BBS and Dymag in the 90′ model, OZ and Dymag for the 93′ model). This feature can be checked in this quick video I released yesterday:





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