SuperGT’s by Shadow x Works, now on Malagoli Garage!

Hi guys!

I’m really proud to announce that I’m currently working on two cars from ‘Shadow x Works’ Super GT project. The first models to be adapted to the game are the 2009-2011 Subaru Legacy B4 – GT300, and the Toyota Supra 2006 – GT500.

Both cars has an extreme level of details, and soon will be two of the best mods for AC, for certain!

For now, I have managed to export theyr models to AC Showroom. This was the first step to make them work on track. Many textures are being reworked and simplified to match the game capabilities.. but the visual is getting real close to the original models in the game.

I’m working really hard to make them work with all Assetto Corsa features, and soon they will be ready for track testing.

My special thanks to the people who make this possible for us. The team has all my respect for both master pieces and theyr trully hard work above this models:

Shadow Explorer (Supra)
Izukon (Both)
Mexes (Subaru)



12 thoughts on “SuperGT’s by Shadow x Works, now on Malagoli Garage!”

  1. Your cars and tracks are awesome! I’ve subscribed to your posts. Can I ask you something? Please put preview images in the cars like all the official ones! This will make easier to find the cars 🙂 (you can make a patch to fix this, with preview images for all your released cars) Thanks for the work.


    1. Beta models, my biggest concern is about handling and visual on track .. haha .. Time, precious time.. but soon as I can, I’ll create the user interfaces for them, not only images, but all the speciffications as well.


      1. This would be great! Can you post a link? I want the SuperGTs and the Copa Petrobras de Marcas (if you have previews for this similar to the assetto corsa standard – black background). Thank you in advance 🙂


    1. Wowwwwwww! Bravo!!! haha .. Wonderfull model Shadow, and I can’t to see us in action with it on track, in Beta Testing … this shoud be happening really soon, haha

      Contact-me in Email for more details. Junko has the adress.



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