Super GT – Skin Templates

Templates for customizing Wheels, Windows and Body.


Nismo R34 JGTC – Final Templates

Honda NSX JGTC – Final Templates

Quick tips / tutorial:

All my templates are alredy set with the respectives wireframes, masks, shaders and alpha layers organized, and they are basically self instructive for those who has some experience with skins.. but here go some tips for those who doesn’t:

Must be saved as .PNG. Static rim as “wheel_lod0.png”, and Blurred rim as “wheel1.png”.

2 samples are alredy included, white and black.

Must be saved as DDS DXT3 ARGB8 / Explicit Alpha, and named “”

The windows affected by the template are only the rear side windows, rear windshield and windscreen banner. Artists must leave the “dirt” effects as they are, otherwise the effect will be affected in the game. Fell free to edit whatever you like at the windows, but always remember to edit the alpha channel as well, copying the final art with the colors ‘inverted’ to its original place, at Alpha Channel layer.

The Windows mask works as this: Black is Transparent and White is Opaque. Make sure to set up the alpha channel in the template to get perfect results in the game.

Body and Body Map:
Body Paint must be saved as DDS DXT3 ARGB8 / Explicit Alpha, and named “”.
Body Map must be saved as PNG, and named “body_map.png”

The Body Paint has an Alpha Channel that controls the affect off Metalic Detail at the paint. Black Areas = 100% effect / White Areas = 0% effect.

The Body Map controls the opacity of the paint. 100% White = Glossy / Metallic paint, 100% Black = Mate paint.


8 thoughts on “Super GT – Skin Templates”

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for your works, it’s more than a “basic” rip from FM, you do a great job…
    Little correction, you say for the windows map to export with dxt3 setting, it’s false, dxt5 must be used, else the dust effects on the windows are wrong 🙂 …


    1. Upload to Mega, Mediafire, Dropbox.. than pass me the link in the comment area and I will place them on a new post an shere with the community on a Skin session for the SuperGT cars. Thanks! 😉


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