Fuji Speedway – Work Progress

Well, quiet a wile since the last Fuji update.

This is my first circuit make from scratch, using original Katsuo rFactor track as a base layout, with his authorization. Is being fully remodeled, even many textures are being created from scratch. All the objects, terrain, buildings, surfaces… are brand new.

To create the land, I have used the latest technology about environment recreation.. the NASA SRTM, who provides realistic terrain elevation data. The ground textures are basically hundreds of Google Maps screenshots, but the results are very cool.

I still have to work more in the field inside the track, there is a lot to create yet… this kind of build take many time to be finished because its really a huge ability test, and I’m learning with the progress.

Here are the latest in game screen shots:

Im still creating the landscape near the track, as the south mountains (More distant, but need some detailing as well) ..

Hope you enjoy the progress 🙂


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